Making a mark in creative workshops

September thoughts

As the September light begins to fade I feel there’s always a rush to finish off projects before we’re hit with the light closing down on us. I’m never quite ready for it. Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn, it’s a beautiful season, but I do find it difficult to adjust. I’m suddenly more of a morning person up early, making the most of the day.


It has been an exciting month. TOAST had asked me to take a sketching workshop as part of their 3 day residency at the Crafts Council gallery in London. A challenge indeed, as last Saturday for the first time I demonstrated drawing techniques for people attending in-person as well as being filmed for people participating online. A huge task for my brain to take on board, as I was trying to think of 2 audiences at the same time. Pleased to say at the end of the workshop, a sense of relief and achievement took over as I looked at all the finished artwork, which for a 2 hour workshop was pretty impressive, it really touched me.
A big thank you to @toast @craftscouncil staff for being so supportive throughout, it was a joy to work with you @fridakim_london for her beautiful autumnal floral installation which we took inspiration from and of course to everyone who chose to spend their time with me, I really appreciate it.

I’m planning to hold more workshops in the coming months. To find out more and to keep up to date with other Obiko news please sign up to the newsletter below.

Christmas card packs will be in the online store from next month, I’ll also be uploading new artwork.

With November nearly upon us and the clocks going back this evening, I’m ready to hunker down for winter, saying that I was ready in September!

Until next time, Keep snug and well.


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