Photo by Lobster and Swan

The holidays are nearly over and I hope you have managed to spend time with family and friends.

After finishing a couple of projects, I managed to take a restorative break, spending time between Iden in East Sussex and Oxford.

I end the year on a positive note, as it has been really challenging at times and I’m sure this has been the same story for many of you.

Thank you so much for supporting Obiko, I wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of love and laughter.

Until 2022,  Keep well x


A month of reflection. This year has been one of unknowns and many of you will probably agree it’s been a year where we have tried to carry on with covid by our sides,  it hasn’t been too intrusive and that seemed okay until today, when all those covid concerns lurking at the back of my brain came flooding to the front, as the government makes wearing a face mask compulsory again.

Onto news which I don’t write about too often and that is each day I am able to do what I love, to sketch, paint and to be creative. It doesn’t matter what’s thrown at me, I always reassuringly have this to come back to, a gift I never take for granted.

I have been working with a few colours, which will be a staple for future paintings, it’s taken a long time to decide on a minimal paint palette, similar to the colours in the  above photo, but I feel I’ve made the right decision and if not, hey I can always make a change.

A collaboration Festive garland workshop was held on the 25th in Hastings between Angela from Botany, Rose from Butlers Emporium and myself.  Beautiful photos were taken of the event by Jeska from Lobster and Swan.  There is an instagram post on the 28th, where I’ve written a little more about the evening. More workshops are are in the pipeline, so please sign up to the newsletter below if you would like to be the first to know.

Most of this month has been taken up with working and experimenting with mark making techniques from tools made from materials found in nature. It’s been really enjoyable, so I’m planning to develop this way of working and to incorporate this into more of my workshops.

Until next time, Keep snug and well.