August in September

A late post for August, because I forgot it was a Bank Holiday here in the UK and planned to post at the end of the month, but found myself down the coast on a little break in Brighton.

Last days of summer are upon us, I measure the good summers by the times I’ve been swimming in the sea and this year sadly it hasn’t been many. I’ve managed plenty of beach walks though, this is rarely determined by the weather, as the sea and beach are always a welcome break from my work. The ever changing scenery and sounds of the waves is a natural de-stresser and for that I’m forever grateful.

Painting has been big on the agenda this month, mostly painting for myself which I’ve loved, with a few making it into the online shop. I always find August an odd month, gearing up for the festive season while so many people are taking their summer holidays. The Christmas cards are beginning to take shape and soon will be ready for the printers. I might even make a few hand-made ones like I did last year.

All in all August has been a satisfying month for my creative output, lots produced, which I can’t wait to show you in the coming months. It’s a good feeling knowing I’ve banked up some work.

This month I’ve also added a workshop title to the top bar of my website. Over the years I have enjoyed taking creative workshops and recently I’ve been asked by TOAST to facilitate one called Sketching Foliage & Flowers on Saturday 23rd October 3-5pm at the Crafts Council Gallery in London. This is open to all levels and the inspiration for the sketches will be taken from an autumnal floral installation by renowned florist, Frida Kim. Join me for a fun, relaxed session in a great space,  where we’ll produce some notecards. For more information and tickets in-person and online please click here.

Until later this month, keep well


Introducing colour


The online shop is on track for being updated in a few days time, the print above is included. I’ve been busy painting in ink and found a really good industrial grey paper which is part recycled part cotton which takes the ink really well.  These will be available to buy next month. I’ll post a few on instragram @obikodesign for you to take a look and see what you think.

I showed some of my new work to a friend and she mentioned she would like to see more colour in my work. Over the years I have used colour, but at the moment it seems monochrome has been my go to and has been for sometime. However I do like to change things up, so I’ll have a little colour dabble soon. I may even go for some bright hues. Let me know if you prefer to see a little more colour in my work.

It’s a scorcher of a day in Hastings and I’ve started to design Christmas cards, sometimes that’s just the way it is, funnily enough I feel cooler for doing so. I’ll be selling them in packs of 6 like the greeting cards, if there are any retailers reading this and would be interested in seeing the new designs, please send me an email.

July has seen much confusion over the relaxing of Covid rules. No one is really sure what they are or what to do about them. Government changes are frequent on mask wearing, travel and much more. School holidays have started and you can feel the unease of some people in public areas. I’m hoping we can get through the summer relatively unscathed. A little rant, but I do feel we are being led to think everything will be okay.

To finish on more of a positive note, let’s not forget the good news, on Sunday 11th July England made it to the European football final playing Italy and as many of you know lost the game on penalties. It was exciting and tense to watch, they played with such skill and dignity and as a football player myself, I can’t wait to watch more of this talented team play in the World Cup next year.

Until August keep well