New changes for October

Hello, I hope you are well and have had an enjoyable summer. For me, these past few months have quickly passed and autumn sees me taking up the blog again. Since my last post back in April It has been very busy.In brief, the house was put up for sale in April, In May I went to Italy to catch up with friends, June was all about bringing colour to my abstract work and the house was sold, July I spent most of the time packing, sorting and clearing the house, August saw the use of oil pastels in my work at its highest level, September I exhibited in a group Summer show at Solaris Print in St Leonard-on-sea and I moved from my house of 16 years. I am currently living by the river close to Iden Lock, with beautiful scenery on my doorstep and a new found freedom to paint to my hearts content.

This month I am featured in 91 magazine, there’s a write up about my studio and art practise, thank you Caroline for asking me and to everyone involved. On the 11th of this month I fly to Lisbon for a few months with the intention of finding a new studio space and to see where my painting takes me. While there, I’ll be working on a project for a solo show next November in Hastings, more on that to come. To find out what happens next you can follow my instagram account @obikodesign

Have a wonderful month

April showers didn’t really happen, pleased to say a good dose of sunshine took its place. I write this with the sun warm on my face, looking at the beautiful colours which spring brings.

It’s been a month of more experimentation, working on mixed media paintings of different sizes and on different surfaces. Layers of paint put down with oil sticks, charcoal and anything else I might think might work in the mix. I like the way it’s working out and bringing  more colour to the work adds another dimension.

Apologies to the people who received their orders late. There was a glitch on the computer which meant I wasn’t being informed of your purchases.  Hopefully this has been fixed.

I’m happy to say the sketch books are quickly  filling up and a trip to London was an opportunity to stock up with lots more. Always a welcome sight to see a pile in the studio, for me it’s the equivalent of seeing the fridge full of all my favourite food.

Until next month keep well and enjoy the colours and warmth of May.

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